Earth on Fire: The Overheating Planet

Earth on Fire: The Overheating Planet


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Tuesday 18 December 2007


The world's sea-levels could rise twice as high this century (1.63m [64 inches]) as UN climate-scientists are predicting (81cm), according to a new study that looked at what happened last time the earth was as warm as it is predicted to be. See the BBC report.

And the Arctic is expected to ice-free in the summer of 2013, according to another new study, which says previous predictions had underestimated the processes that are now driving the loss of ice. See the BBC report.

But the blind ballyhoo in Bali is all the response we get. When will the dunderheads who 'rule the earth' get it into their misshapen heads that the earth rules us?

We face the worst enemy we have ever faced, the hardest to beat. Ourselves. We cannot stop the effects of global-overheating, because we have long passed the point of no return. We must go on to a war-footing to have any chance of heading off the worst.

Thursday 13 December 2007


A survey of 1000 professionals in government, NGOS and industry in 105 countries conducted by the IUCN (World Conservation Union), solar power for hot water and electricity came out on top and current bio-fuels were a sorry last, reports the BBC.

Sense is prevailing somewhere.

The solution is obvious: it rises every morning. Add fuel-cells, driven by hydrogen made from splitting water with solar-generated electricity, and you have a system in harmony with the planet. Nothing coming from the sky but sunlight and water; nothing going back to it but water.

The melting of Greenland's icecap is accelerating. The extent of the melt in 2007 was 10% ahead of the 2005 record, making it the largest since satellite measurements began in 1979, reports Science Daily. The IPCC's 2007 predictions for global sea-rise are therefore likely to be too low.

Wednesday 5 December 2007


The organism senses and functions, at the highest level, as an organism. Below that are the senses and functions of the organs, below that are the senses and functions of the structures within organs, below that are the senses and functions of the cellular networks, below that are the senses and functions of the cells, below that are the senses and functions of the molecular networks, below that are the senses and functions of the molecules, which are made of atoms, which have their own fundamental 'senses and functions,' the actions and reactions we call physics and basic chemistry.

On fundamental atomic 'sense' is built a higher level of sense, the molecular; upon that is built a higher level, the molecular networks; upon that is built a higher level, the cellular; upon that is built a higher level, the sub-structures of the organ; upon that is built a higher level, the organic; upon that is built the highest level, that of the organism.

In short, the intelligence of the organism is built on molecular intelligence, which is built on the natural logic of the atom. The intelligence and functioning of the organism is founded on molecular intelligence and its interaction with the organism through the ascending intelligence hierarchy.

In, around and under that is the quantum world, the world of particles, where, as Einstein put it, there is 'spooky action at a distance', quantum entanglement. Particles can be 'aware' of and 'in contact' with others, synchronising instantly, constantly, irrespective of distance. That defies logic and physics, it is incomprehensible to the reasonable laws of the physical--because they are no longer in operation. It must, therefore, be the level of the spiritual. Thus in our desire for ever deeper knowledge of the physical universe we have dug down so far that we have gone out of it altogether, and found to our surprise or chagrin that the whole thing is founded on the spiritual. We have found the point at which spirit and flesh divide. Physics is at loss to explain anything at that level because it just is, existing and functioning in the eternal now, the realm of the spiritual.

As Time magazine said years ago, 'The scientists, after slogging up the mountain of knowledge for centuries, arrive at the top to find the theologians sitting there waiting for them.'


The level above the spiritual, the molecular, is where all our physical actions start. The mechanism of feeling thirsty, for example, can be seen as having as its fundamental cause the fact that the nanomachines we call protein molecules are lubricated by water, and that its attendant 'minuet' is also vital to their proper formation. So when there is insufficient water for all that to happen as it should it is the protein molecules that will notice it first. That message passed up the chain causes you to head for the tap.

(It also seems reasonable to think that that 'water network' is also used in intermolecular communication, using water molecules as a choregraphed pigeon-post. The dance set up by one molecule used to interface with the dance of the next one, like so many ballerinas passing a particular step across the stage, or so many bees signalling to their peers by their dance where they should fly to gather nectar.)


This thread has been copied to and will be continued on another of my blogs, Bio-Molecular Logic.

Tuesday 4 December 2007


Global agriculture could go into steep, unanticipated declines in some regions due to complications that scientists have not considered adequately, say three new scientific reports. Details in this Science Daily report.