Earth on Fire: The Overheating Planet

Earth on Fire: The Overheating Planet


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Saturday 28 April 2007


China's industrial revolution is causing massive pollution, and it is on course to overtake the filthy United States as the world's worst. Pollution has no borders. Therefore every time we buy cheap Chinese goods we are buying another chunk of global pollution, and asking for more. Global overheating is thus for sale in every High Street. Very cheap. Roll up, roll up!

Thursday 26 April 2007


It is called Earth. As it was in 1790. Before we started burning the Black Stuff (that's fossil fuels, if you're new to this blog). Sadly, that planet no longer exists. Even more sadly, there isn't another one we can all go to. The problem is that Earth was invaded by aliens. Half were disguised as businessmen, but after two hundred years their voracious appetite for Black Stuff blew their cover at last. The other half were disguised as politicians, but so far their very clever camouflage (that voting for them is democracy) is holding up. Meanwhile Earth is becoming less habitable by the minute.

But if you clicked on the link to this post expecting to find something about Gliese 581c, then try this well-written article in the Daily Athenaeum, the paper of West Virginia University. Well said, that man. His four points near the end are, sadly, too true.

Wednesday 25 April 2007


So someone said in a recent debate on 'climate change' (read climate ruin) on the New Zealand Herald's site (click here for the paper's homepage).


What is the climate? It is the state of the sky. Can humans change the sky? Of course. The excretions from every exhaust-pipe and chimney-stack change it. The weather is an activity that takes place in the sky; the characteristics of a mixture have the characteristics of all its components; and we have changed the mix in the sky to one that has never before existed in the entire history of the planet. Only fools could think that that has had no effect on the climate and the weather. Ditto those who cannot see that there ARE weapons of mass-destruction (WMDs) in Iraq. They are called oil-wells. The excretions of countless oil-wells and coal-mines are turning the global sky into a WMD.

No, trumpet the fools, that is not true. No, no, that is not true. No, no, no that is not true. Yet every breath they take to utter that lie is a breath of changed air.

Tuesday 24 April 2007


A new satellite study aims to find out if the unsettling spread of 'night-shining' clouds is a sign of global overheating. Details in this Science Daily article.

Monday 23 April 2007


If this thing can be made to work, and if we can build the vast numbers needed to remove 10 billion tonnes of carbon-dioxide from the sky annually, until we have wound the concentration back to 280ppm, which is what it was before we started burning black stuff, we will be OK.

IF and IF. Very, very big IFs. But watch that space.

Thursday 19 April 2007


Why can none of their addicts see that so-called 'bio' fuels (bio means life) are nothing to do with life. They still pollute, and, worse, they take food out of people's mouths, so they are nothing more than a blind attempt to keep the damn machines that mess up the planet.

As this
BBC report points out, the 10,000 who will still die from air-pollution if everyone used E85 would be fine if we changed to electric cars. And see this site for a comparison of CO2 generated by electric cars, which shows them far superior, even if the power comes from filthy coal-fired generation. They are also far cheaper to run, a point that has not been lost on the French Post Office, La Poste..

But ignore all that, because if you do--O goody, goody, goody!--you can carry on killing 10,000 people--three hundred times as many as were killed at Virginia Tech. Every single year. Without having to buy a gun. Just carry on using morifuels (mori means die).

Wednesday 18 April 2007


The United Nations Security Council has now recognised global overheating as the greatest threat to global security, and it is a fact that the United States is the world's worst polluter. It is therefore obvious that the US must be recognised as an evil empire, that it must be attacked by the rest of the world, and for the global good reduced to carbon-free rubble.

;-) ;-) ;-)

Saturday 14 April 2007


This report by the US Government Accountability OFFICE was headed 'US Needs A Peak Oil Strategy.' It says that when peak oil will occur is hard to pin down, but the consensus of various studies is somewhere between now and 2040. The report has drawn praise for its un-biased, no-nonsense approach.

So we have yet another reason to stop using the black stuff ASAP. But, of course, no one of any consequence will take a blind bit of notice. Carry on as if the world has not changed. As if there will always be a succession of tomorrows just the same as all our yesterdays. Until it is far too late.

If sufficient sponsorship can be found in time the EStarCar is to be entered for the prestigious X-prize. Click here for more details.

Monday 9 April 2007


The governments of over a hundred countries were prepared to work like galley-slaves for a week, then right through the night, to negotiate the text of the latest IPCCC report, but they they aren't prepared to negotiate the state of the planet and the quality of human life on it (see the BBC's news item, which includes a link to a PDF of the IPCCC's report).

In spite of some gerrymandering and watering-down the report makes clear that global overheating is already having a demonstrable, serious, negative impact on the climate of the entire planet, that the damage is lasting, and that the consequences will be dire. Between the lines it is clear that we have gone well past the point of no-return.

The stark truth is that the best conditions for human civilisation have gone. The worst are on the way. There is no good future for the human race. Increasingly, life will become nasty, brutish and short. Billions will die.

India encapsulates the state of the world. Its economy is booming, its technology is racing ahead, it is becoming a global power. But its environment and climate are going backwards. A vital example is that the Ganges is shrinking as the glaciers that feed it melt away. The tension between the forward and backward movements is inexorably rising, as if they were tied together by an enormous, unbreakable, rubber rope. Ultimately the regression that man is forcing on the planet will snap backwards his progress in economy and technology.

But don't worry about it, politicians. Just worry about hanging on to power at the next election. Don't worry about it, bureaucrats. Just worry about the next pettifogging committee meeting about regulatory trivia. Don't worry about, businessmen. Just worry about your market share and the size of your profits and bonuses. Don't worry about it car-owners. Just worry about getting from A to B regardless of the poison pouring from your exhaust-pipes.

Everybody, please continue to ignore clean solar-cell/fuel-cell technology, because that will keep their prices high and thus keep them unaffordable. Instead, please keep using planet-trashing technologies to the hilt, thus keeping their prices low. In short, please keep being murderous, suicidal fools. Carry on being the lemming-generation.

If you want to do something for this tattered planet and its polluted sky, click here. The EStarCar doesn't cost megabucks and decades to develop, it doesn't pollute the sky, its body can have whatever shape and function you want, it can be manufactured by small teams in small premises than can be rapidly multiplied all over the planet, most of it can be recycled (except for such things as tyres and rubber door-seals), and being alloy it will last decades longer than the heavy, rusting planet-trashers made by the Big Iron carmakers. Their bottom line is money and greed. This car's bottom line is the planet, which means life and the quality of life.