Earth on Fire: The Overheating Planet

Earth on Fire: The Overheating Planet

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Monday, 9 January 2006


EStarFuture has extended its innovative 'people-power, people-pennies for the planet' fund-raising venture, aimed at putting a truly green car on the road long before the Big Iron carmakets get anywhere near one, so that the planet will have a small chance instead of none at all, which is all it will ever get from them.

It is fitting that a car so configurable and user-friendly, and above all planet-friendly, should have highly configurable fund-raising system.

So to the original option of a straight donation to get the EStarCar on the road ASAP three others have been added: 'Buy' a slice of the EStarCar and thus put your name on a slice of green history; buy an EStarCar T-shirt; and become a member of the EStar Foundation.

The EStarCar is to be 4 metres long, which makes 4000 1mm slices, each is priced at $US125. If all 4000 sold, that would be the $US500,000 needed for the project. People who pay for a slice will be issued with an ornate certificate--proof positive of their green credentials.

The T-shirts are $US125 (expensive for a shirt, true, but the money is for the planet).

Memberships of the EStar Foundation are strictly limited to 555 (the number has a nice ring), so it is first in first served. They cost $US500, and last till the end of 2010. Members will have exclusive access to a site that will give special news and details of the EStarCar's progress towards the day when it first hums swiftly down the road--and, of course, all the news ahead of the rest of the world. They will also receive a Membership Certificate. And be on the email list for special announcements.

(There is also a sub-option in the donation section for anyone who might be so wealthy that 'pennies' means what many thousands of dollars means to everyone else. Donors who give $US10,000 or more will have the option of buying an EStarCar at cost when they become available.)

See the earlier post (back in November) for the first post on the people-pennies/people-power venture, and the EStarCar website for more details, and for specifications and images of the car. See also the full press article at Earthtoys, or on EStarFuture's news page (the latter link will be valid only during 2006, in case you are looking at this post from 2007 onwards).