Earth on Fire: The Overheating Planet

Earth on Fire: The Overheating Planet

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Monday, 16 January 2006


An article in the Independent gives advance notice of the increase in atmospheric carbon-dioxide for 2005, and shows that for the first ten months alone it rose 2.2 parts per million, which means the rise for the whole year will be about 2.6ppm. That is a staggering 173% leap from the average of 1.5ppm per year where it has been for the last fifty years--and that was an annual increase that should never have been, and never would have if we had not developed our insane addiction to the Black Stuff. That steady rise of 1.5ppm per annum was bad enough, because it took us from the 280ppm that was safe for human life to the very unsafe 380ppm, but then three or four years ago it suddenly went to 2ppm, and now we have this even bigger jump.

So it now looks certain that the predicted accelerated-feedback has begun, in which the overheating earth starts adding ever more carbon-dioxide to the vast amount that we are pumping into the sky, because bacteria in the soil become more active, the permafrost thaws faster and faster, the oceans reach the limit of what they can absorb and start emitting what they have absorbed (warm water can hold less gas than cold), etc., etc.

So now we are really for it. It is not just the frogs that will be croaking all over the planet. Billions of humans will be wiped out of history too.

It is enough to make one weep, or rage, or both.

Meantime the murderous liars, the arrant knaves, the blind blockheads and the greedy sub-human rogues in governments, boardrooms and CEO suites all over the planet are carrying on as if nothing has changed, as if the normality of the past 10,000 years is still here. But they have destroyed it by their sins of comission and omission.

If you click on the link to the Independent, look also at the links at the foot of that article, the ones about Gaia and being past the point of no-return. It is nice to see that someone can also see that we cannot roll this one back--and is prepared to stand up and say so. We need everyone on the earth to shout the same message. Then even the blockheads might take a bit of notice and DO SOMETHING.

'Waiting for the lights to go out' is a brilliant article in one of the world's great newspapers. If you really care about the planet and human existence, click here and read every word.

Meanwhile, the EStarCar aches and agonises to be on the road, so as to help head off the very worst, which is now all we can do. So keep those dollars coming in. For the love of the earth. And the love of human life.